• Know About The Main Duties Required Of A Personal Representative

    If a recent death has meant being appointed to a special position, you may be wondering what lies ahead. Personal representatives (or executors) act as the administrator of the estate and their duties are many. For an idea of the main duties to expect, read on. Gather Important Documents Many tasks are dependent on certain documents. One of the most important of those documents is the last will and testament. Locating this document is job one for a personal administrator.
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  • What Car Acciedent Victims Should Know About A Demand Letter

    If you have been hurt by another driver and have never heard of a demand letter, that is probably because you never had to know about it. Demand letters are requests for payment sent by your personal injury lawyer to the at-fault driver and their insurance company. Demand letters must contain all the pertinent facts about your case. Read on for a summary of what a demand letter usually contains.
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  • Beware Of Inadequate Insurance Settlements

    After a car accident, you may be eager to settle the case so that you can get on with your life. It's always fortunate when the driver that caused the accident and injured you has insurance. However, many insurers offer settlements that fall far short of what victims deserve. Read on to find out where insurers fall short of providing victims with adequate compensation. It's About Accident Damages What you deserve to be paid is based on your damages and this refers not only to your damaged car but other things, too.
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