3 Facts About Car Accident Attorneys That Can Help Ease Your Worries

Posted on: 18 August 2023


After being involved in a serious car accident, you are sure to have plenty of things to worry about. For instance, you may be worried about your ability to work while you heal from your injuries or you may worry about your ability to replace your damaged car. One thing you should not need to worry about is hiring a car accident attorney. If you are worried about the need to retain legal counsel, review the three facts below to help ease your worries. 

#1: You Don't Need Money To Hire A Car Accident Attorney

It is natural for people to worry about money after being involved in a serious car accident. However, these financial concerns should not prevent you from hiring an attorney to represent you. This is because car accident attorneys do not use the same fee structure as most attorneys. Instead of requiring a retainer fee upfront, accident attorneys will simply require you to sign a contingency agreement. This agreement allows the attorney to collect a percentage of your settlement to cover their fee. This agreement also allows you to secure the services of an attorney without spending any money upfront and ensures that you will not be responsible for paying any legal fees unless your attorney wins your case. 

#2: Hiring A Car Accident Attorney Will Not Delay Payment For Your Property Damage Claim

Another concern that accident victims often have is that hiring a car accident attorney will mean waiting an extended period of time to receive payment for the damage done to their vehicle. If you share this concern, you should know that your property damage claim is completely separate from your personal injury claim. In most cases, a car accident attorney will only be responsible for handling your personal injury claim. The most notable exception to this rule is in cases where the insurance company is challenging liability in both personal injury and property damage claims. If liability is not being challenged, there is no reason why you cannot settle your property damage claim quickly even if your personal injury claim takes a bit longer to settle. 

#3: Hiring A Car Accident Attorney Does Not Always Mean You Will Need To Go To Court

If you are worried that hiring a car accident attorney will mean dealing with a long-drawn-out court case, you should know that many of the accident claims handled by an attorney are settled out of court. In fact, many people will never even reach the step of filing a petition with the court. You may even find that hiring an attorney makes the insurance company more motivated to settle your case without the need to involve the courts. 

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