• Top Reasons To File For An At-Fault Divorce

    It's no secret that marriage can be difficult at various intervals.  Trying to get along with your spouse about every situation may be more than you can do. This is especially true if you have significant issues and your spouse is the reason for these. If this is the case, you may qualify for filing for an at-fault divorce. Knowing some of the reasons to file for this divorce can be helpful.
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  • A Night Of Fun Gone Wrong -- Building A Personal Injury Case After A Bar Fight

    A night of going out and having a good time can, and often does leave the door open for legal issues. When alcohol is at play in crowded public places, incidents sometimes happen that people wish they could take back. The ugly side of the bar and club scene rears its head when people get into fights. If you were attacked during a night out, it's important that you don't just chalk it up as the price of admission to the night scene.
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