Preparing For Divorce

Posted on: 18 May 2015


One of the most important parts of going through a divorce is preparing yourself in advance. While finding the right attorney is important, so is making arrangements for the rest of your life while the divorce proceedings take place. Every state is a little different, so it's important that you know what to look for from your attorney, and what to do with yourself once you've made your intentions clear to your spouse:

Getting Your House in Order

In a very literal sense, you need to spend time getting your house in order once you've decided to proceed with a divorce. Document what's yours, what belongs to your spouse, and what might be of particular value to both of you, then decide what you can live without while your divorce is underway.

If possible, open an account in your own name, and a storage unit where you can quietly move a few items before the divorce process starts, though this should be limited to belongings which are expressly yours and which you're concerned might be a target for your spouse's frustration.

Depending on your state, and your living arrangements, you may need to seek out a new residence for a while too. Consider friends, family and move-in ready apartments in your price range, and make sure you can move forward with these plans once you share your intentions with your spouse. Even if your home is jointly owned, it's best to step away from the marital residence during the proceedings.

Preparing Your Lawyer

The more forthcoming you can be with your attorney the better shape you'll be in once the divorce papers are filed. Make sure you clarify your reasoning for the divorce, and disclose as much as you reasonably can about the marriage and its particulars. Beware though, as tempting as it might be to take part in character attacks it's not worth the effort, many judges actually frown on this practice, so avoid attorneys who encourage it.

Focus on provable facts, documented events and verifiable actions relating to your spouse, your marital finances, and any joint or personal assets. This will not only help legitimize your case, but it will help your lawyer prepare for any surprises that your spouse or their lawyer might use.

No divorce is ever easy, but with the right planning and preparation in place ahead of time you can minimize the initial stress. The right divorce lawyer, and the right support system will go a long way toward helping you weather the storm that follows.