Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Divorce Attorney And Get The Most From Your Divorce? Here's How

Posted on: 26 September 2016


Ivana Trump is credited with saying, "Don't get mad, darling, get everything." While that may work for the rich and famous, it does not work quite so well for the lower class and the middle class. In fact, it might work in reverse for you, simply because you could be viewed as immature or vengeful. Then there is also the question of your divorce attorney. He or she should have the years of experience needed to help you through a potentially long divorce process. If you want to get the most out of your divorce attorney and get the most from your divorce, here is how.

Pick a Divorce Attorney with Years of Experience

You want a divorce attorney who has seen all kinds of unpleasantness in family court, but still seems unfazed by what comes next. He or she should be fully versed in the laws of your state and family court, and be able to explain to you why you have to proceed a certain way. Your lawyer should also have a legal assistant to help research unique issues as they are related to your case. If you have to be your lawyer's paralegal to get specific documents to hand to the lawyer, that is probably not a good sign. Instead, pick a lawyer with at least a decade of experience under his/her legal belt so that you know you have someone who will work hard and get results for you in every family court hearing.

Come into Court with "Clean Hands"

The biggest problem that most divorcing couples have is that they do not come into court with "clean hands." This means that they are both guilty of something that makes them look like a poor choice for the kids or that neither should have alimony because both cheated. If you want to get the most out of your divorce, your "hands" have to be clean. No affairs, no backstabbing, no throwing one parent under the bus when something goes awry (even if he/she is the cause and you think he/she deserves to be thrown under the proverbial bus). The parent who acts the most mature, has the most to offer and appears the most responsible and the most faithful is the one that usually leaves the courtroom with the most. Having an experienced lawyer like Novenstern Fabriani & Gaudio, LLP to present your goodly image also helps, so hire well and behave well.