Does Your Message Require A Trademark?

Posted on: 26 January 2018


If you had a great new idea for an innovative product, you would probably rush out to get a patent before you started to work on bringing the idea to market. But what about when your idea relates to a brand new way of conceptualizing a product or service? That is essentially what a brand is about. Why shouldn't you protect your unique message? Here are some reasons why trademarking is important to your business. 

You've Spent Time on Your Ideas

Many brands fail, and so you should not underestimate the importance of branding in your business. Your brand is your calling card; it's the unique way that you've figured out how to connect with an audience. You have a unique position in the market. Now say another brand copies parts of your message and starts to cut into your market share. Wouldn't you be mad? How is that much different than copying someone else's product and starting to sell it?

Your Unique Assets Are Yours

You might feel that your message isn't unique, but if it weren't, you wouldn't be successful. A trademark attorney can help you identify parts of your brand that are uniquely yours and can be protected by law. No one else should be able to use your genius ideas to connect with your customers. 

You're Easy to Recognize Because You're Unique

People can easily identify your company because of the brand that you built. When other companies start to tap into the same messaging, have similar visual styles, or copy your brand in some other way, it dilutes your original brand. It makes you harder to recognize, which slowly erases you from people's minds. Trademarks are a way to mark your turf and ensure that your voice continues to shine through in your brand. 

You've Built Your Reputation

Your brand represents certain aspects of a reputation that you may have spent years cultivating. No one else should be able to take part of your business' reputation simply by having a similar logo, slogan, or approach. Isn't that stealing?

Hopefully, you understand some reasons why your brand is important to protect after reading this article. Choose a good trademark attorney in your area to help you set up your trademark and defend against any attacks on your brand. It's worth the time to protect your ideas and make sure that no one else can later copy them. 

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