Is It Time For The Final Breakup?

Posted on: 6 September 2018


When you were newlyweds you more than likely never even imagined that you would end up getting a divorce. Now, perhaps even after seeing a marriage counselor, after consistently trying everything you could think of to save your marriage, you may have faced the sad fact that you and your spouse will soon be dissolving your marriage. Of course, you probably are facing many different emotions. On one hand, you may be profoundly sad that you weren't able to make your dreams come true. You might be very angry, too, especially if there is a new love interest in your spouse's life. On the other hand, you might actually be experiencing feelings that come with acceptance, and you might even feel relieved that you can start a brand new chapter of your life. From looking for a lawyer to hiring a mediator, here are some ideas that might help you to get through your divorce.

The Right Lawyer - Almost any lawyer you talk to will be acquainted with the legalities that accompany a divorce. However, consider looking for an attorney who specializes in divorce cases—such as those attorneys at Grafton Law Office. By doing this, you will have a professional who has the right training and the experience to counsel you. If this is an amicable divorce, things will more than likely be a lot easier to settle. However, if you have been wrongly treated—say because you have been financially and emotionally neglected due to your spouse turning to a new companion—the divorce lawyer will also take that into consideration. If you have an experienced lawyer, think of exactly what you want in your divorce settlement because that is probably what he or she will arrange for you.

A Custody Mediator - Obviously things are more complicated when children are involved. Have you ever considered hiring a child custody mediator? If your children are old enough to speak for themselves, they will be given the opportunity to express their desires. If your children are too young to even understand the seriousness of what's happening in their lives, a child custody mediator will meet with you and your future ex-spouse to work things out. The mediator will more than likely have the experience to talk to the children on their level, to explain that they will be well taken care of and that they will not have to take sides. In addition, the child mediator and your divorce attorney will more than likely work together to complete the settlement of your divorce.