A Night Of Fun Gone Wrong -- Building A Personal Injury Case After A Bar Fight

Posted on: 4 January 2019


A night of going out and having a good time can, and often does leave the door open for legal issues. When alcohol is at play in crowded public places, incidents sometimes happen that people wish they could take back. The ugly side of the bar and club scene rears its head when people get into fights. If you were attacked during a night out, it's important that you don't just chalk it up as the price of admission to the night scene. 

To the contrary, this may be an action that requires help from a personal injury attorney. Learn your rights and figure out which actions you should take. 

Replay the Events of the Night and Try to Get a Copy of the Bar's Surveillance Tape

Do your best to run through every last detail of the night, the fight, and what led up to it. This is important since you'll need to be able to prove that you were unjustly attacked and that you were not also at fault. 

This can be particularly tricky if you were drinking that night. Even if you were sober enough to remember, the defendant can put your sobriety into question in court. It's so crucial to get a copy of the surveillance video if at all possible. The video will back your story and show that you were attacked unprovoked. 

Your narrative of events, in addition to clear surveillance video and a couple of witnesses, will build an incredibly strong case. 

Consider the Criminal Case Implications and Seek Clarity From Personal Injury Attorney Services

Determine whether you intend to press charges. Some people want to be sure the other person is punished and off the streets, while others simply want to get money for their medical bills and suffering so they can move on. 

If you choose to go the personal injury route, you'll need to prove your damages. Go to a physician for a check-up and treatment so you can build your case around these damages. Other damages include payment for the time that you miss from work and the cost of any aftercare. 

Being physically assaulted is also something that most adults never expect to experience, so it can cause emotional stress and depression. You can receive compensatory damages for all of the above. 

An assault will be just an unfortunate setback, rather than a bigger calamity, if you use these tips and contact a personal injury lawyer.