Taking Action For A Pressure Cooker Injury

Posted on: 28 June 2019


There is no doubt about it – pressure cookers are convenient and quick ways to cook food. These appliances have gained a new following recently and are touted as being far safer than the old models that sat on the stove top. Unfortunately, new electric pressure cooker appliances are not necessarily safer than the old ones and some models have been known to malfunction. If you or someone you care about has been hurt by a pressure cooker, read on to find out more.

Dangerous Pressure Issues

The very thing that cooks the food quickly and without drying it out is also what makes pressure cookers dangerous. A high amount of extremely hot steam builds up inside the cooker when in use. While new features are meant to make things safer for the cook, some cookers have manufacturing defects that place anyone near the appliance in danger of severe burns. These pots can explode and when they do, the entire room is showered with super-heated liquids, steam, and foods. Some common problems with bad pressure cookers include:

  • Defective steam valves that clog and don't allow the release of pressure.
  • Seals around the lid that are faulty.
  • Gaskets that fail.

The injuries that result from a pressure cooker explosion can be serious and even life-threatening. Burned skin can result in multiple painful surgeries and a lifetime of disfiguring and scarring.

Product Liability for Pressure Cookers

The makers of electric pressure cookers owe consumers a duty of care. That is a legal term meaning they must do everything in their power to create and sell a product that is safe. So many consumers have been hurt by pressure cookers that there are several class action lawsuits in motion. Class actions allow many hurt consumers to band together to force the manufacturers to both change their manufacturing process and to pay hurt people for their damages. Hurt consumers have the choice to either join a class action suit or to file their own single suit. Speak with a personal injury attorney to find out what might be best.

Damages from a Pressure Cooker Injury

Hurt consumers may be eligible for payment due to several areas of damages including:

  1. Medical expenses – Hospitalization, surgeries, physical therapy, medication, and more
  2. Future medical expenses – Continuing care may be needed for serious burns.
  3. Lost wages from a job
  4. Pain and suffering

To find out more about seeking damages from a pressure cooker injury, speak to a personal injury attorney.