Strategies That Can Help You And Your Speeding Ticket Attorney In Court

Posted on: 30 December 2019


It might seem that there's no way for you to beat a speeding ticket. The officer had your speed verified on the tracking device and issued a citation. Still, it can be worth hiring a speeding ticket attorney if having this offense on your driving record would cause trouble or if the fine is particularly steep.

The lawyers use certain strategies to help clients get the citation dismissed by a judge or reduced to a lower offense by the prosecuting attorney. A reduced offense might be a change from a moving violation to a non-moving violation, or to a lower category of speeding.

Admission of Guilt?

The lawyer will want to know whether you had admitted guilt to the police officer or not. It's always best not to agree with the allegation of speeding while still remaining respectful. If you did admit guilt, that could be a problem in court because it undermines your case.

Being Polite in Court

Being polite in traffic court is essential. Judges obviously have a lot of power, and they expect everyone in the room to defer to them. That includes defendants as well as lawyers, police officers, and all others who are there. Attorneys and law enforcement officials are well aware of this.

Not every traffic court has a prosecuting attorney present, but this is not unheard of. Becoming argumentative or combative during questioning makes a poor impression on the judge. Although it may seem difficult, responding with respect to the prosecuting attorney's questions is crucial.

Technical Issues

Sometimes a technical issue known as a mistake of law can be used in defense. For instance, you may not have realized the speed limit would be lower ahead because the sign was hidden or damaged. It might have been blocked by an untrimmed tree or damaged in a storm. Pictures taken by you or someone on the lawyer's team serve as evidence. They should be entered into evidence quickly so there is no doubt about the date.

A Reduced Offense

The prosecuting attorney might agree to a plea bargain for a reduced offense. For example, the citation might be reduced from driving more than 20 miles per hour over the limit to driving less than 10 miles per hour over the limit. This can have a positive result of substantially decreasing the fine and the number of points added to your license.

Contact a traffic ticket lawyer at the earliest convenience to get started on an effective defense strategy.