Workers' Comp Lawyers: How Can They Help?

Posted on: 11 August 2020


Usually, if you are hurt while working, then you can count on your employer's workers' compensation insurance to cover you. Unfortunately, your claim may be denied. Workers' compensation lawyers understand how to deal with issues that arise when filing claims, so read on and find out more about how they can help you. 

1. Your claim was denied.

Claims can be denied for a variety of reasons and the letter from the insurer should provide you with a starting point to rectify things. A phone call to the insurer should help clarify the issue because sometimes the issue is as simple as errors on the claim form. Speak to a lawyer if you cannot get your claim back on track and your benefits started. They can advise you of your rights and the process to appeal the denial.

2. You were injured and spent your own money treating the issue.

File a claim form as soon as possible and keep up with all paperwork relating to your medical treatment. Let the doctor know that your injury was work-related. A lawyer can work to have your out-of-pocket expenditures reimbursed.

3. Your employer is casting doubt on your claims of a work-related injury.

Your employer is required to file a claim form on your behalf regardless of what they may believe about your injury. It is the insurer's job to determine your eligibility for benefits. Contact the workers' compensation board in your state for help with an uncooperative employer and speak to an attorney about sending a letter of representation to the employer — this may help get your claim filed.

4. You have been told that your injury is healed enough for you to return to work, but you cannot.

It's common for hurt workers to undergo a special medical exam to determine their health status after an injury. Unfortunately, you may not agree with the findings. Never return to a job until you are completely healed. You have the right to appeal the decision and have another exam performed. Speak to a lawyer to find out more.

5. You have been told that you have a permanent injury and will never be able to return to your previous position.

You will need a workers' compensation lawyer to help you negotiate for the best possible settlement. If you cannot work, you can be paid a lump-sum to compensate you for the rest of your working days. It's vital that you understand how much you should be paid and the best way to receive payments. The way you are paid can influence your Social Security disability benefits, taxes, and more. Be sure to discuss your case with an attorney who can make sure you get what you deserve.

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