Services An Estate Attorney Can Perform For Surviving Family Members

Posted on: 8 August 2022


Estate planning is something your family might have to deal with after a loved one with assets passes on. It's not always easy to deal with unfortunately and if your family is struggling, hire an estate attorney. They offer these services and they're crucial for keeping your family on the right path. 

Effectively Work Out Asset Transfers

If your loved one who passed on did have assets and they're being distributed to the family, it's important to make sure asset transfers go smoothly so that the right members of your family end up with the appropriate amounts. Hiring an estate lawyer is a sure-fire way of working this transferring process out.

If your loved one created a will prior to passing, then it should name the beneficiaries and also the asset amounts that are to be distributed to each one. An estate attorney will go through these details and verify the identities of your family so that there aren't delays or denials when assets get transferred over at the appropriate time.

Establish Restrictions if Necessary 

Sometimes it's best to put in some restrictions on certain assets, such as how much is to be awarded at a given time and what the assets should be used for. This is often the case for surviving family members who're younger and thus don't possess sound financial management skills.

In this case, it's paramount to hire an estate attorney. They can make sure these restrictions — if requested by the deceased loved one — come to fruition in a legal manner. This way, your family can respect the loved one's final wishes and avoid future trouble. 

Manage Charitable Donations

There are some people that want to give a portion of their assets to charities after they pass on. If your family has a loved one that wanted this, you can hire an estate attorney and have an easier time managing these charitable donations.

They'll see what your loved one wanted according to their will and then help sort relevant details out, including how much money is to be donated and to what charity. Your family won't have to deal with these matters at all and that's key to avoiding mistakes.

Dealing with estate matters after the passing of a loved one is hard and may even be the last thing you want to deal with since you're trying to grieve. While you do so, you should let an estate attorney come in and make sure the loved one's affairs are handled appropriately. They'll save your family a lot of trouble ultimately. 

For more information, contact an estate attorney near you.