Auto Accident Attorney: 3 Evidence-Related Questions To Guide You After A Car Crash

Posted on: 6 September 2022


Filing an auto accident claim is usually an arduous task for many victims, perhaps because they don't know how they should approach the process. It could also be daunting because they don't know the documents they need and who to involve. However, the most challenging task is dealing with the evidence from the collection, preservation, and presentation stages. Every auto accident victim should understand that judges use the evidence presented when giving a verdict. So you should be more careful when collecting evidence to build a strong case. Seek help from an auto accident attorney because they know how the evidence should be handled and presented in court. Here are three evidence-related questions to guide you.

What Kind of Evidence Should You Collect?

Typically, you should collect as much evidence as possible at the accident scene. Actually, you can get personal items, clothing, or mechanical parts of your car and use them as evidence. A phone or camera could also help you collect reliable and accurate evidence or other helpful information. Where possible, you should take photos as fast as possible before the other driver, weather, or anyone else interferes with the quality of the evidence. Remember that those photos and any additional information will help your auto accident attorney build your case and demand the settlement you deserve.

How Should You Document It?

It's one thing to collect evidence, and it's another thing to know how you should document it. Most car accident victims collect reliable evidence but don't document it properly, weakening their case. So always take photos or videos at the right angle to avoid interfering with the evidence quality. You can zoom in on the photos to enhance clarity. In case you want to take video footage, you can store it in an external hard drive because it's safer and more secure. Alternatively, you could upload it online to easily access it whenever you want, provided you have internet access.

What's the Best Way to Organize It?

After collecting and documenting evidence, you need to organize it well. Organizing evidence includes ensuring it's all in one place to avoid problems. You can collect evidence using different cameras or phones, but you could somehow lose some if you don't organize it. If some witnesses took photos or videos at the scene, ask them to send them to you to organize and harmonize your evidence. This is critical because you can keep the photos you took and the witnesses' photos in one file. Properly organized evidence helps the auto accident attorney to investigate, reconstruct, and present your case in court more efficiently.  

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