What You Need To Know About A Personal Recognizance Bond

Posted on: 21 December 2022


If you are arrested and sent to jail and you have no one to bail you out, you can attempt to get yourself out of jail with a personal recognizance bond. This type of bond is offered by a judge when you can pay for your own bond. You will have to go to court for any legal requirements from the judge. Here are some things to know about a personal recognizance bond.

How Do You Get a Personal Recognizance Bond?

Before you rely solely on getting a personal recognizance bond, first you need to understand that it is rarely offered by a judge; there are several factors the judge has to consider offering a personal recognizance bond. First, the judge will have to determine if the crime you committed was violent. Your criminal history is another factor the judge will look at before making a decision. The judge may ask you to write a letter on your own behalf outlining why you committed the crime and providing an explanation or a defense of your actions. Once the judge reads your letter, you have to ask for a court date to provide any additional evidence requested by the judge. You will need a very strong case to get a personal recognizance bond.

What Are the Pros of Getting a Personal Recognizance Bond?

There are several benefits to getting a personal recognizance bond. First, you will not have to remain in jail while you wait for the case to go to court. You also will not have to pay a bond to avoid going to jail, which is the most significant benefit. Paying for bail is costly, causing many people to take out loans just to get loved ones out of jail.

What Are the Cons of a Personal Recognizance Bond?

Although it is less expensive to get out on a personal recognizance bond than a traditional bond, you will still have to pay any costs associated with your crime. For example, you will need to pay for a probation officer, pay for any rehabilitation courses required of you, pay for your attorney if you choose to hire one, and the like. Another con of a personal recognizance bond is the length of time you may have to wait in order to get the bond. If you are in jail and want to get out right away, a personal recognizance bond is not going to do it. You will need to have someone bail you out by paying a bail bonds company to obtain your release.

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