Reasons To Hire A Civil Litigation Attorney

Posted on: 24 March 2023


Are you thinking about filing civil litigation against someone? Whether it's your employer or a person who has wronged you, you should assume that the other side is going to hire an attorney, and that means you will need your own attorney as well. Having a civil litigation attorney on your side can make the upcoming process go more smoothly and may potentially increase your chances of success. Here are just some of the things that a civil litigation attorney can do for you.

Filing a Civil Suit Still Requires Expertise

First things first, you should forget the idea that a civil case is somehow less serious than a criminal one. There might not be jail time on the line for anyone, but you still need to have knowledge of the court rules and how the merits of your specific case will stack up once you get to the negotiating table or courtroom. Civil litigation lawyers have the experience necessary to walk you through the process. They can assist with everything from drafting your lawsuit or creating other legal documentation to filing motions based on what the other party is doing.

Meet Deadlines and Avoid Mistakes

Are you within the statute of limitations to file this suit? There are likely deadlines to look at and stay on top of both before you file and once you get going. You also don't want to submit any kind of paperwork mistake that might undermine your case or make it less likely that you'll come out on top. Lawyers with a background in civil cases have seen and done it all before and will help you get through the basics without any bad mistakes so you can move forward with gathering evidence and proving your case.

Settle Out of Court

In some cases, filing a civil lawsuit does not mean that you will be guaranteed to end up inside a courtroom. Sometimes just filing the lawsuit is enough to get the other side to pay more attention to what you are saying. For example, perhaps you have a case against a former employer for wrongful termination or discrimination. Filing a lawsuit may be enough to get your employer to finally conduct that full investigation they never did for you when you worked there. A good lawyer may be able to push the other side to settle out of court and still get you some money and a sense of justice.

For more information, reach out to a civil litigation attorney